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When it comes to just me at the beach, give me a chair and an umbrella, and I’m set. When it comes to me and my wife, give me two chairs, an umbrella, a full cooler, towels, books, speakers, and…I need a beach cart. You can imagine what kind of cart I need when it comes to my wife, kids, and extended family.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that as relaxing as time at the beach can be, the set-up and tear-down is nothing short of exhausting. Add in chairs for the family, a few more umbrellas, kids’ toys, and the cart is full. But perhaps the worst part is playing tug-of-war with a beach cart that seems to be gliding on quick sand with every step you take.

I know, because I am that guy. I am the one who has wasted money on several useless beach carts, hoping one will drift through the sand with ease and carry all the gear for our day.


After years of countless trips to the beach with these ineffective beach carts that would make any saint cuss, I decided a solution had to be created…and My Beach Cart® was born!

Typical Beach Cart Vs.®

Typical Beach Cart®

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