Frequently asked questions

Will the mybeachcart fit inside my small car trunk?

Yes, quick release wheels easily pop off & cart folds with velcro locking mechanism to easily fit into small cars.

On my other beach cart my gear would slide off while in motion; does mybeachcart fix this problem?

Yes, mybeachcart has a non-skid deck surface and 2 cam-buckle straps included to secure the load.

How do I inflate the low pressure tires without an expensive low pressure gauge?

We provide a jig and air pump that make inflating the tires to proper inflated circumference easy.

Once I receive the cart is the initial assembly difficult?

Assembly is a snap! There are provided picture instructions and needed tools included.

My other beach cart started rusting after only a few uses; will this happen to mybeachcart?

Mybeachcart is made with anodized marine grade aluminum so it will not rust.

How much beach gear will this cart hold, since my other cart would only hold a cooler?

Mybeachcart has an extra long cargo deck that will fit your chairs, cooler, awning and other items in one trip!