Michael H

Chantilly, VA


Bought this to replace wagon we use for annual Bethany Beach trip. Tried this out on one day excursion and it worked perfect. Loaded it with 4 chairs, 2 umbrellas, 2 beach blankets, a small shovel, and 4 yeti water bottles. eAsy to haul and rolled across sand beautifully. Just what I wanted as it is easy to pack in my cargo bag. Thank you for a great product. Will add to review and some photos after week Long Beach trip next month.


Atlanta, GA


hands down one of my best purchases ever! The only word i can think of to descibe it is "beast". this think freaking glides across soft sand and carries a ton of weight! i thought for sure it would break but i used it for 14 consecutive days carting tents, chairs, coolers and more down a 500 yard path!


Worcester, MA


I used my beach cart this past weekend for the first time. Oh my goodness! This is amazing! I had in tow a large cooler, 2 beach chairs, a 7 foot umbrella and several miscellaneous bags. It was a breeze to pull. I had several other beach goers ask me where i got purchased it and shared information with them so they can get their own! Thank you! I am so happy! No more dropping things in the sand, carrying things on my shoulders, having to stop to readjust my load, i love going to the beach even more without the cumbersome process I just described!


Long Island, New York


What a pleasure! Used it for the first time yesterday and it went through the sand like it was riding on rails. Definitely recommend this cart.

Kelly Corno



Love my beachcart so far! Took it to the beach this weekend and loaded it down, it didn’t sink at all when it hit sand! It was easy to put together, take apart, and store when not being used as well!


Indian Harbor Beach, FL


Best customer service you can get! Due to a shipping error the owner Steve and his wife personally delivered our cart to us the next day. Wow! As for the product, just what the doctor ordered, simple to assemble, sturdy, and easy to use! Heading to the beach is now a breeze!




This is a fantastic product for carrying all beach stuff thru any type of sand, glides across sand with out turning over like other carts with 4 wheels will do, you won't be sorry with this cart, has much larger area to put your chairs an cooler on with a nice foam area to keep every thing from sliding, very nice straps to hold every thing in place , I very highly recommended this to anyone tired of hauling by hand every thing to the sand, and much cheaper than renting a golf cart, will pay for itself in know time, thanks Steve for such a great beach cart, Rodney


St. Augustine Beach


12 x 12 awning
2 zero gravity reclining chairs
2 beach chairs
1 beach table
Sand bags
All in 1 trip.....PRICELESS...we Loved it!!




So easy to cart all of our beach gear!!!

Justin Fowler

Fort Mill, SC


Great cart! Love the design and features.

Stan D.

Rutherford, NJ


I am very impressed with the quality of the components of the cart. We used it for beach camping at Assateague Island National Seashore for 6 days and it got a lot of use by many people. Everyone thought it was the easiest way to transport our gear over the soft sands of the beach campsites. With the wheels coming off and the frame folding, it fit into my car nicely. It had no problem easily and safely carrying some heavy loads (coolers). It will come in handy for anywhere that our camping gear needs to be carried, not just across soft sand. I highly recommend this product since it is very well suited to its purpose. Several people took notice of your web site and are thinking about buying carts for themselves.
In other words … I am a very pleased customer!!!

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